Finished Project with Viro

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Volante has finished a prestegious project for one of our customers in Maastricht. The customer uses rotating mills, filed with milling balls – up to 5 tons per mill – to grind glass frits. In total, the company has a total 20 mills. The milling balls will wear down in time requiring periodic replacement. The replacement consists of emtying the mills and sorting the balls on rejection size. In the past, this was a manual handling requiring a lot of effort and time per mill.

The project was sourched out to Volante and the designing company Viro in Echt (the Netherlands). Volante had the lead and has written the the scope and the basic design. The final design was done by Viro who designed a machine which improves safety and significantly reduces the whole process time. Two conveyors and a vibrating sieve reduced the time into two hours for one person.

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