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Volante International provides long-term experience for engineering and packaging of Hydrogen plants, Hydrogen Sealing Skids and RenewGen Skids. We are happy to help in consulting and engineering for your needs. About Contact Volante International provides long-term experience for engineering and packaging of Hydrogen plants, Hydrogen Sealing Skids and RenewGen Skids. We are happy to help in consulting and engineering for your needs.


There is a wide range of services we offer, including an international network of companies we work with and for Engineering and production, reaching from Germany and Switzerland to Poland and Croatia. We have great contacts in China, Thailand and India for manufacturing and loads of market contacts which serve your businesses.
Volante International

Company Strategy Consulting

Company strategy means for us: Starting with the finish in mind. It is always the goal for us to strive for results and not end up in endless administrative routines. Based on our experience and very open mindset, you will take advantage of 20 years of experience in international companies and markets. We follow PMA, Six Sigma and RCA approaches.
  • CAPEX Strategies and Business Development
  • Sustainability Concepts
  • Six Sigma Process Optimisation
  • Root Cause Analysis

Sales and Project Management

We help you boost your sales with brilliant sales strategies, customer presence and focus. We can provide sales experts in Germany, Switzerland and Poland to expand your pie.
  • CAPEX Strategies
  • Business Development
  • Six Sigma Process Optimisation
  • Root Cause Analysis
Volante International
Volante International

Engineering and Development

Volante International provides Hydrogen process design and supports on norms and standards for permission of the authority. Moreover we own a huge network of suppliers for Hydrogen infrastructure. We have our own product: The Power Cubicles for independent power production which bases on renewables storage and hydrogen. This is used in remote areas and very interesting for emergency services, NGOs and field operations. We are working on biogas applications, WtE and Solar steam turbines plants. We can provide a lot of other engineering services due to our very strong network, just get in contact with us.
  • Hydrogen PtG Plants
  • Machinery Layout and Controls
  • Plant Design and CFDs
  • Power Skids
  • Steam/Air Cooling Systems


Volante offers an interim solution package which is unique in this business sector. We fill the gap in your business field with engineering, supply chain, customer negotiation, contraction or business presentation. We boost your business and needs in a fast, flexible and a professional way.
  • Fix cost - daily rate only
  • High flexibility - various presence for your company
  • Just on time - 24/7 service
  • Knowledge - together more than 50 years of enormous expertise
  • Global - worldwide customer and supplier network
Volante International - Troubleshooting
Volante International

Lectures and Team Events

Looking beyond business but still having a professional experience, how about a decent wine tasting with the Sommelier educated Managing Director of Volante International? This will widen your horizon to wineyards around the world.
  • University Lectures
  • Professional Hunting and Wine Tasting Experiences

Customer and Supplier base

Volante International has worked with a lot of customers and suppliers over the years.
Volante International

Recent projects and services

Have a look at some recent projects of Volante. Besides that you might be interested in some services the owner of Volante provides, such as wine tastings and lectures.

Christian Müller

Dr.Ing. - Managing Director of Volante International

Process and Chemical Engineer

  • 20 years of experience
  • Power - Renewable Gas - Cement - Glass
  • Europe - China - India - Russia - Thailand - Philippines
  • Technical Director - Principal Engineer - Project Manager - Guest Lecturer
  • WSET Level 3

Dieter Bernauer

CEO Volante-Swiss GmbH

Technician and Business Manager

  • 30 years of experience
  • Power and Oil & Gas Market - Sales & Marketing - Companies Development
  • Europe - China - India - Russia - USA
  • Chief Executive Officer - Sales Director - Head of Sales Department - Project Manager

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